Sunday, November 1, 2015

1 900 Gary playthrough

Funky game, a bit amusing, old school type of game. Very silly and short. No real replay value.

Start up the game, ominous music plays, of course. A very simple title screen.
Intro starts up, as narrated by our MC, giving a little detail of whats going on.
Slow music, very old school.
I check all objects in the room, two books in the bookcase, I'll read them latter. I'm not allowed to leave the room yet.
Checked the bed, chose to go to sleep.
Ending 1
Thoughts so far, weird dream MC.
Load save.
Read book: the haunted cowpoke, "That was Spooky!!!"
Read book: the telephone repair man, "That was Spooky!!!"
Went to the computer, MC waits for 'Sean', who never shows, power blows, lights dim in game.
Went to bed.
Ending 2
Thoughts on MC, boy are you a weird guy.
Load save.
I can leave the room now!
Graphics are consistent, music is the same.
Entered first door, Lacey's room.
There is a girl there, talk to Lacey. Text does not change, bummer.
I check Sisters bedside drawer, get yelled at by Lacey, repeat, till text repeats itself. If you get close enough to Lacey for her sprite to touch the MC
Ending 8
Boy Lacey is violent
Load save
Back in Lacey's room, she sure does yell a lot
Read book: the Cursed Milkshake, "That was toe-curling!!!"
Read book: the Cherronomicon,
Ending 3
Heh, weird.
Load save
Try to go into parents room
Ending 4
What are mom and dad into? Kinky.
Load Save
Head downstairs.
First door up is the bathroom, nothing there.
Exit down is outside! Try to leave the area, a cop shows! Uh oh.
Ending 6
Easily sidetracked this guy.
Load save
Nothing in the kitchen either. Head downstairs, get a toilet disk and try to turn power back on.
No go.
Phone is ringing.
Bouncy phone!
Weird noises from the bathroom.
Sudden music change!
Reach into the toilet
Ending 7
Weird narrative music
Load save
Talk to toilet
Ending 5
Boy is Gary a strange guy
Load save
Toss in toilet disk
True end

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