Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dreaming Mary Playthrough

Lovely title in shades of pink.
I really like the music.
New dream.
Simple opening, remember a gold key and a warning.
What a cute room!
A radio with instructions! I've actually listened to it all, it's a very neat element.
Get the white lily and try the door. It's locked! Check everything for a key, also check out the painting. <the key is in the chocolate on the bed>
Don't forget the key!
Check all the doors, you can hear someone behind each of them.
Is someone calling you behind that sparkling flower? Don't need to check for the first ending, do check for the other three endings.
The door at the far end is quiet, check all the other doors.
Each door leads to a room with one person, also each one hosts a mini game, once you talk to the bunny made, the bird scholar and the fox bar girl, you can open the door at the end.
Which is very sweet yet a little creepy.
Play the mini-games, simple really, repeat, then speak to the boar.
For the first ending, answer wrongly and lose the lily petals. Open the door in the tree.
Ending one, answer you aren't happy.
Repeat, but access the hidden door behind the sparkly flower and tip over the fish bowl.
Follow the silver dart back to the bedroom, interact with the painting, you remembered the gold key, right?
Check out the animals on the bench.
Now answer the final questions, give the right answers, the bunny's question is a trick, she never said who he loved.
Go open the door in the tree.
Ending two, a slight variation of one, answer you aren't happy.
Repeat, give the right answer, but tell the boar no repeatedly. Go back to the bedroom and through the hole. Check out the animals on the bench. Run! Go to the hidden room and check the painting. Run!
There are actually two bad endings possible, get caught by HIM, go through the door.
Ending three, get caught. You definitely aren't happy when asked.
Repeat, go through the door and escape from HIM, wake p locked in your room. Interact with everything except the door, go back to sleep to get the fourth bad ending, not happy when asked.
When you wake in your room, open the door with the gold key.
Good ending found!
Now access the bonus bits.

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