Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Mariko Playthrough

A very pretty title screen and lovely music
A super sappy opening bit with some 'something is wrong!' dialogue bits.
Enter the dwelling, is that a bird chirping?
Investigate everything!
Why have plants if you don't like them?
Hey, the book titles change!
Everytime the MCs pic appears I think she is a child.
Bedroom is locked! Of course, the obvious place. . .
Why have an ugly picture?
If they are a couple whommlive together, why the seperate beds? And why does her bed smell bad? Ick
Why is there a letter on the floor in front of the bathroom?
Sad music, change in background. Read letter.
Wow, what an. . . yeah, what a terrible way to go about this.
No reason to stay. . .
Normal Ending
Load save
Quite a wait. . .
Hide hide hide
Psycho child!
Obvious hiding place is obvious.
Bad ending
Load save
Garb knives this time
Double psycho children!
True ending

I liked the normal end best.
Short, sometimes boring game, no replay value.

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